Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pot Man aka Pac-Man from WeedCollege.com

Hey Y'all,

Gotta play this game Pot Man, it's madd funnyy!! It's the "Official Game of Stoners" and I think you will agree this is an automatic classic!



Monday, November 24, 2008

How to Roll a Philly Blunt

How to Roll a Philly Blunt:

First you gotta buy a Philly Blunt Cigar at your local Gas Station or 7-11

Second unroll the plastic wrapper and lightly moisten the entire outside of the cigar with your saliva by licking the cigar. Then split it down in a middle line, by applying excessive amounts of pressure EVENLY on each side of the cigar, so it splits right down the middle, perfect.

Now that you have it split, IMMEDIATELY lick the sides of the Philly so that the outer leaf DOES NOT SEPARATE from the inner cigar leafs. So that it ends up looking like the image below:

Then break up the buds and toss it in and roll it up by pressing down on the buds while flattening the top and licking the top side of the cigar seal it closed with your tongue, and make sure none of that sticky icky falls out, ya digg???

Then you seal it closed and you got this:

That's it y'all that's how you roll up a philly blunt!!

Figured I would post this since the audience demands it, haha, if you all want anything else posted up on this blog, leave some comments!!!

~ be good

Friday, November 21, 2008

Kayne West New Mixtape - Sky High ft. DJ Benzi & Plain Pat

Hey Yall,

Found another SICKKK MIX TAPE!!

Gotta peep dis shitt, yea hearrrr meee???

DJ Benzi & Plain Pat - Kanye West: Sky High Mixtape

Lil Wayne Releases Dedication 3 ft. DJ Drama

I want all y'all that peep my site to listen to this shit. It's fucking hot, on fire, no doubt the hottest mix tape I have heard this year!

Peep dis shit hommie -

DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Dedication 3