Saturday, October 23, 2010

Love Burns

The Webs We Weave
     Are Out of Sight
Although this all seems
     to be quite contrite
The methadome ticks
     to the beat of a drum
All I can hear is
The bellowing stench
     that fills the air
We all joke around
     with out a care
And all through this
     you can never see
The agonizing pain
     you have given me
My heart burns deep
     and true for you
Yet you weep and scew
     the ways we knew
Wish we could just laugh
     and bid this fight a-due
I know my love for thee
     has not been quite apparent from me
But my heart burns for you
     more than I or you know is true
We squat and we squit
     we wit and we wat
We know the truth of it all
     its simply lit with a match
So won't you come with me
     my love
And take a puff of my
     burning lust
To feel you with me
     is to know true love
Our heart and minds
     Connect as One
As we lay back and stare
     up at the sun
We know the moon
     is beconing the sky
So we will light one
     more fire
And burn out souls
     united FOREVER!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Never Ever - The Last Blunt

I, will never ever drink or smoke pot again my stomach is dieing.

I, am destroying my body through drinking and smoking excessively.

I, will die from stomach cancer at 30 if I don't stop soon.

I, must start eating right not drink and not smoke ever.

I, must put together the most important pieces of my life.

I, must stop being a child and start being a man.

I, am slowly poising my mind, body, and spirit through drug abuse.

I, feel like shit and never want to wake up like this again.

I, vow to start making significant changes in my health and hobbies.

I, never ever want to drink or smoke pot again!!!

- I wrote that over a year ago, I figure it is about time to take my own advice...

Sunday, May 31, 2009

how high i b

how high i b,
how high 2 c.

how how i go thee,
but how to go three?

the b-a-d kills me with ryming diver-city,
but blunt a day never seems to rest for me.

i hear it like a pigeon,
churping constantly.

the echo in my minds eyes,
for that times i let them fly bys.

i hear the ticking of the clocks arms,
but never nearing of the locks alarms.

i need to burn a phatty down,
so i can lean on a big blunt now.

to burn it down till it touches the ground,
and spin it round and round and around.

i will let it go down to the pound,
and be put to sleep in the ground.

time for rest y'all can't get it,
time to be closin my eyes like fallin' asleep.

b/c i am so high, so high i can not see,
i can not see the adversity of diversity of egonostically biochemically narcolepetically society of the times unlying belly of democracy the hypocracy of ludiocracy, oh man, i really can't c.

b/c i'm really fuckin stoned you know,
can't ya'll c the tree going puff-puff and then i say he-he-he?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Blunt a Day, Oh Blunt a Day



The time is coming to be a new'in,
For it's time to re-up in.

I gotz 2-b gettin' me a blunt'in,
B4 I gotz 2-b go'in.

My lines are like time,
Never ending span of shine.

B/c I gotz 2 burn dat shit,
Higher and higher b4 I kill dat shit.

So listen up friends 'n' listen good,
My shit be stewing up a blunt that's good.

So roll 'em up and spark 'em down,
Then maybe sing and dance like a clown.

B/c I'm singing bro, like a damn fool,
I'm dancing yo, like a real tool.

But it don't really matta now does it,
B/c I'm stoned as hell soooo FUCK IT!

- keep it real, ya hearrrddd??

Ashes to Ashes

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
Why must I be obsessed with such a consuming lust?
The aches and cries of my yearning heart,
it seems like I am falling apart.
From all my different trials and tribulations,
it's hard to believe my hearts still ticking.
When all my money turns to ashe,
my heart sinks down bellow my ass.
The yearning inside is tearing me apart,
and all I need is to light up that blunt.
The overbearing consuming need,
for that dark green sticky weed.
Is all the thoughts I do pocess,
for I am addicted to this substance, and in a mess.
How did my life go from fame and fortunes,
to hardly being able to get up in the mornings.
This cycle of mine must come to a stop,
before I rip out my bloody heart.
The time I have left is little so I will be quick,
I must find something to suffice, before I throw a fit.
It is hard to control the yearning inside of me,
I hope I learn how to control it, before it consumes me.
I must learn to have will power,
So I can learn how to avoid marijuana

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Asher Roth - The Daily Kush

Hey y'all,

You guys gotta check out mi boi Asher Roth's site fittingly called The Daily Kush!

Pep dis shit ya hearrr??

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Marijuana Inc a CNBC Special Report

Hey Y'all,

Was watching TV the other day, watching Deal or No Deal and this commercial comes on about Marijuana Inc and I'm like I have to totally watch that!!!

So I looked it up on-line and found out the details.

Marijuana Inc - Inside America's Pot Industry - Slide Show

Gallery of Medical Marijuana Strains - Awesome Slide Show!

Read what people thought of the presentation, before and after it airs.

Before - people were excited, interested, good thing

After - people were like WTF, CNBC told the bad things about pot? NOT the good things?? Dude pot is totally awesome I don't care what CNBC says!! haha

Have a good night!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Got a Vaporizer

Merry Christmas to Me!

I spoiled my self this year and decided to give the blunt a day a little bit of a rest, and ease up on my whooping cough, so I got my self a digi-vapor aka vaporizer, see - Read More Here

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Jim Jones - Day and Night Music Video

Hey Y'all,

Just heard this new song and I couldn't get it outta my head, Jim Jones - Day and Night. Then I found the video for the song and was blown away!!

Jim Jones, is making a stellar come back, I feel this shitt. I think he is takin Lil Wayne's grooves a lil bit, by hitting the roach the whole video and drinking out tha infamous red cup, but shit is still hott.

You gotta see this shit if you don't know what I'm talking about.

ya digg??

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pot Man aka Pac-Man from

Hey Y'all,

Gotta play this game Pot Man, it's madd funnyy!! It's the "Official Game of Stoners" and I think you will agree this is an automatic classic!


Monday, November 24, 2008

How to Roll a Philly Blunt

How to Roll a Philly Blunt:

First you gotta buy a Philly Blunt Cigar at your local Gas Station or 7-11

Second unroll the plastic wrapper and lightly moisten the entire outside of the cigar with your saliva by licking the cigar. Then split it down in a middle line, by applying excessive amounts of pressure EVENLY on each side of the cigar, so it splits right down the middle, perfect.

Now that you have it split, IMMEDIATELY lick the sides of the Philly so that the outer leaf DOES NOT SEPARATE from the inner cigar leafs. So that it ends up looking like the image below:

Then break up the buds and toss it in and roll it up by pressing down on the buds while flattening the top and licking the top side of the cigar seal it closed with your tongue, and make sure none of that sticky icky falls out, ya digg???

Then you seal it closed and you got this:

That's it y'all that's how you roll up a philly blunt!!

Figured I would post this since the audience demands it, haha, if you all want anything else posted up on this blog, leave some comments!!!

~ be good

Friday, November 21, 2008

Kayne West New Mixtape - Sky High ft. DJ Benzi & Plain Pat

Hey Yall,

Found another SICKKK MIX TAPE!!

Gotta peep dis shitt, yea hearrrr meee???

DJ Benzi & Plain Pat - Kanye West: Sky High Mixtape

Lil Wayne Releases Dedication 3 ft. DJ Drama

I want all y'all that peep my site to listen to this shit. It's fucking hot, on fire, no doubt the hottest mix tape I have heard this year!

Peep dis shit hommie -

DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Dedication 3