Monday, September 29, 2008

Roll 'em Up, Spark 'em Up, Pass 'em Round!

Hey All,

Back again, and again, like a maniac man, oh shit, did I just say I am a maniac...oh man..
Either way just rolled up a phatty and wanted to share with you all my rolling prowess.

Check it out!

then DONE!

Time to get HIGH!!!

Touch the sky!! YO!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Bong Hits All Night Long!

Who wants to hit da bong?

I DO!!!

I said who wants to hit da bong??


ok ok few, just checking. :-)


bong hits like a pro

massive bong hit iron lungs!!

Mom's Bong Hit

bong toke mom

mom hitting big assed bong

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Best Buds on Earth

These are some of the best pics of the some of the best buds I have sampled.


This is some stuff that is pretty good, it will get you fucked up and possible tripping if you hold it in and cough hard enough, but the next two are even stronger, may I present to you all, the all and mighty powerful plant:

Grape Fruit Marijuana

This is a strain that not too many have seen, only the Snoop Dogg's, Lil Wayne's, Dr. Dre's, etc. etc. of the world that have smoked this type of strain, and this will make you trip out. It is awesome you can get some in some Amersterdam shops, but some are starting to make it illegal because it's potency is nearly tops out at 60%!

Check this out guys the lovely:
Purple Power

This last strain ladies and gentleman is by FAR the BEST weed that has EVER been created on the FACE of the earth, it is nearly 80% potency makes this product the most desired and sought after pot that people have compared it to smoking "Gods Pot". This stuff was created in a hidden factory by the Government and is none other than the infamous:

G13 (Government Issued) Marijuana


you ever smoke these??

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Still Smoking and Smokin', Hit Dat Shit!

now as some of you may or may not know but i am high as a kite and i gotta get my fill and spit my shit...because hommie, if i don't well...then i'll just loose it.

i must be telling all ya'll that be fadin' on my vibes, that if you step inside, you will open up your mind, and see the way to high. we can even touch the sky and walk around on clouds all day, while we just puffin on some of the magic ash, puff, puff, puffin' away, like a cloud's day...

you all have to see the real great there is fate, we live each day on one anothers shoulders as we carry around the burden of our brothers, and fallen angels surround the world, as we stuff our face with a happy meal, and i speak dat trut, because you know i can, now you all betta start reppin' here pep dis plan

we gonna get us a bag, yeah nice phat sack, and roll us up a blunt, now aint that a fact, now don't think too quick boy, don't think too slow, just GO! GO! GO! and get that shit for me, out dat door! now we smokin' some blunts,blunts, blunts, we be smokin' some blunts, blunts, blunts.

let me just roll this thang on up here, lick, rip, drop, pop, roll-up, lick, stick, poof, finit! got that shit all wrapped up and now we gotta go spark it up, because if you are like i is, then people there aint no questionz, i dont wanna goto work, i dont wanna goto jail, i dont wanna get a job, i dont wanna check the mail, lets just all get high, and watch south park and maybe some family guy, while we let that roachie burn till it dies.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Smoke Weed, Smoke More Weed, Ya Digg??

Now all y'all may or may not be diggin me, ya hear? But I don't really give a rats as, ya hear? Because...I know, we know, we all know, who we are, ya digg? And...because I know, we all know, who we know, and how we know...IT. Let me just say nice to meet cha, since it is well you know NICE. ya kno?

Now we all know, how you know, who you know, and who you don't. we all know, who we don't know, and who knows us? The knows and don't knows of life goes on forever, and it seems, well to me atleast, that there really is no logical or illogical end to this maddness. It only seems to get bigger and bigger, until well...that is until you finally reach that last day in the line. When you finally know all of who you know, and know everything you don't.

Until you know everything you don't know, and know that you won't know, anything that you don't know, you won't even be seeing my level, ya digg? get to my level is a whole new ball game, it's like not even in your stadium, it's like over the fence, two blocks down, go for a jog, far, it's like walking three miles to school in the blistering cold, or five miles in the swealering heat...ya digg?

Either way, you know how I'll be being...down with my little green men, dancing...dancing. Around the fire as they sing and dance and swing, we all know these little men make us hustle, make us grind, make us gnarl, and make us cry. We must all one day come to the end of the stuggle and take a look around in un-blurred eyes and see the world for what it has truley become, and be forworned, DO NOT BELIEVE THERE LIES!

ya digg??

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Gotta Buy Pot, Weed, or Marijuana in BULK!

Sorry to all the haters out there, living it up buying $20 sacks every day and gettin' by, but I gotta tell you there is NOTHING like BUYING IN BULK!

You gotta be copin at least a 1/2 a Z (ounce) or a full Z (28 grams = ounce). I just got my self some of the finest ish around, but only 1/2 a Z.

Peep dis shit - YA DIGG??


Now time to start rolling up some PHATTIES BOYS! Get to it!

PS - shout outs to my girlie for takin' this "I Heart You" weed pic, isn't she da shit?

Peace out!