Saturday, October 23, 2010

Love Burns

The Webs We Weave
     Are Out of Sight
Although this all seems
     to be quite contrite
The methadome ticks
     to the beat of a drum
All I can hear is
The bellowing stench
     that fills the air
We all joke around
     with out a care
And all through this
     you can never see
The agonizing pain
     you have given me
My heart burns deep
     and true for you
Yet you weep and scew
     the ways we knew
Wish we could just laugh
     and bid this fight a-due
I know my love for thee
     has not been quite apparent from me
But my heart burns for you
     more than I or you know is true
We squat and we squit
     we wit and we wat
We know the truth of it all
     its simply lit with a match
So won't you come with me
     my love
And take a puff of my
     burning lust
To feel you with me
     is to know true love
Our heart and minds
     Connect as One
As we lay back and stare
     up at the sun
We know the moon
     is beconing the sky
So we will light one
     more fire
And burn out souls
     united FOREVER!!