Monday, June 8, 2009

Never Ever - The Last Blunt

I, will never ever drink or smoke pot again my stomach is dieing.

I, am destroying my body through drinking and smoking excessively.

I, will die from stomach cancer at 30 if I don't stop soon.

I, must start eating right not drink and not smoke ever.

I, must put together the most important pieces of my life.

I, must stop being a child and start being a man.

I, am slowly poising my mind, body, and spirit through drug abuse.

I, feel like shit and never want to wake up like this again.

I, vow to start making significant changes in my health and hobbies.

I, never ever want to drink or smoke pot again!!!

- I wrote that over a year ago, I figure it is about time to take my own advice...


Anonymous said...

Hope you listened to yourself.

Anonymous said...

Nigga What The fuck Is you retarded shut up and stop being a bitch

Anonymous said...

yeah i agree your a huge gaping vagina, get over your self

Mad Blunted said...

Smoke some fat blunts all day! Dont give that up. Helps sometimes. Some great haze or kush blunts in a vanilla dutch...