Saturday, August 23, 2008

Buy in Bulk or Buy a $20?

What do you think is the better way to consume our favorite illegal narcotic?

Buying a $20 bag on a daily basis and burning a phat 20 sack to your face?


Buying in bulk, getting a Z (an ounce) for a few hundred bucks, but that is 28 grams (20 sack)

What do you guys think is better?


Anonymous said...

A gram a day doesn't cut it. We go eights at a time via 2 white owls. (which rolled right roll far better than a dutch)

Obviously if you buy a zip you're not getting ripped out of each 20 you buy. Each 20 is supposed to be 1.0 well you get normally .8

.8 x 28 = 22.4

22.4 isn't 28 grams.

If you buy a zip chances are you're getting closer to a weighed amount you normally could get ~26 grams . So if you're smoking larger amounts and are financially aware... you'd get a zip at a time.

Anonymous said...

smoke till u drop fuck it BONG ALL THE WAY

Anonymous said...

mary jane how original