Monday, July 28, 2008

1 Week Quit = Shit

Well surprise, surprise I have been extremely busy this past week, and could not find time to get in my usual blunt a day. So I went a whole week with out smoking any pot whatsoever, then came Friday and I was like shit I gotta smoke something. I feel so constipated I had not shit in 4 days, and was starting to feel like I was made of pure crap.

So I quickly contacted my good resource for some herb, and got some of the finest ish I have seen in a long time. I packed that up in a little bowl, and took one hit, and boom I was done. Instantly stoned out of my mind, always happens like that to me. With in 5 minutes of being really stoned I felt the pain in my abdomen, my bowls were moving, and I quickly went to the bathroom, to enjoy a monster shit!

With in 30 seconds of shitting I had shit out a 2ft snake of a shit, that folded over on top of its self 3 times, I could not believe that all that had been sitting in me, no wonder I felt like shit... after word I felt 110% better, and will always remember this lesson that weed helps constipation.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe your constipation is due to the foods you choose to eat im a habitual blunt smoker at least 2 a day and i shit regularly 2-3 times a day the weed just made you relax and shit just happened normally, 4 days without shit is a red flag for me hell even one day and i am concerned