Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lil Wayne - A Millie Video & Live Performance Video

Lil Wayne - A Millie Music Video

Very cool video!!

Lil Wayne - A Milli Live

Lil Wayne is by far the Best Rapper Alive! Who else sells over a million cds in 1 week! In a day and age when you can download everything from the Internet, you know who? No ONE! That is why lil wayne is da mutha fuckin mannn, yaa digg??

Time even thinks so! Read this: Lil Wayne is Generation Y's Bob Dylan?

Do you guys think that Lil Wayne is the next generations Bob Dylan? A rebel without a cause, like any of the other great, Kurt Cobain, Eminem, Proof, Tupac, Biggie, etc..

This man is the greatest rapper alive!

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