Friday, July 4, 2008

Smoking Blunts like it's my Job

Hey All,

Just want to take this time on my first post to say WELCOME TO BLUNT A DAY! Blunt a Day will be dedicated to, well, what else, but smoking a blunt a day, I dunno forever?

On this site you will get to see, pictures of blunts that are smoked, knowledge of the type of weed that is being smoked, the strength is measured, as well as articles how to roll a blunt; philly style, dutchie style, as well as pictures of how red eyes get one some one is stoned. Lastly there will be pics of cool smoking spots, and mostly how I feel after getting high.

Today I will be smoking a nice phat blunt, since it is July 4th, and we should celebrate our nations freedom. I want to keep this post simple, but I will write full descriptive blogs how to roll a blunt, a few different ways, in the coming weeks.

Blunt of the Morning:

Rolled with one Grape Dutch and one Vanilla Dutch. The Grape Dutch was stale so it fell apart when it was being rolled, and had too many holes in the inner leaf. The Vanilla Dutch helped this to allow for the blunt to be rolled properly.

This was a phat $20 sack (1 gram) of that regs, aka mids, aka brick weed. In other words cheap shit, but you get alot of it for a cheap price, say about $100 for an ounce, which is 28 grams.

Either way rolled up this phatty, used the Microwave/Freezer Technique, after rolling place in Microwave for 3 seconds, and then put in the freezer for 3 minutes, after the blunt comes out perfect, like a real cigar. Now it is ready for smoking. Since today is July 4th I am going to burn this phatty boom batty, and then go get some food at the diner.

I will post some pictures of the blunt later, and some eye shots, before smoking and after smoking.

Check back soon!


Anonymous said...

you call a gram of regs for $20 a fat sack? where do you live

Anonymous said...

Damn... not 4grms?

Anonymous said...

dog, a gram is a fat 20$ sacc? for alright bud? sense when? ive never got a gram dub.. lol. 1.8 for alright shit, 1.5 for fire.

Anonymous said...

lol a gram fer 20$? lmfao where u live my nigga and that was even that fat of a ting you got ripped off LMFAO pussy

Synistar said...

sup my pplz. Im from south african. I get like a whole banky (money packet) of weed for R10... the dollar is abt R8...And I'm payin abt R50 for some swazi skunk...Realist shit I ever smoked. I suggest u all come here for the world cup next year. Get blazed the fuck up

Anonymous said...

Always get the fire in NY. Fat bags of Kush, Diesel, or Haze. LOL checkout these pics - . This sites hilarious...Makes me want to blaze a fat one. Vanilla Dutch Blunts!!

Anonymous said...

Fukk gettin a gram in a dub of mids bro.. BTW so far this year ive spent 574 dollars on blunts. neone know where to get a box o dutches??

Anonymous said...

in the uk its £20 for 1.0-1.6 of dry high grade buds often ak47,blue cheese,lemon haze,blueberry,white widow,grapefruit,ice.always top quality potent A+'s are 200-300. or 2.4 of other bud with lots of orange hairs referd to as standard or homegrown smells fresh and is a bit damp wont grind well.shwag(like mexican shit) is unheard of. seen it once(looked like it) called thai stick, hardly any bud just seeds and stem was the worst.