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How to Roll a Blunt - Dutchie Style

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Now to what we all came here for detailed Step-by-Step process of How to Roll a Blunt Dutchie Style. I have taken the liberty of taking pictures to clearly document the process, I will also explain as detailed as possible in hopes that you can all use this site to roll up your own blunts. I have been rolling blunts for years, so I consider my self to be a pro at this point.

Step #1 - Get a Dutch, a $20 Bag, and a Lighter

You will need to have a dutch, preferably Vanilla since this is the most popular rolled blunt around, and has been since I started smoking. They also have strawberry, grape, cognac, honey, and others, but I would recommend getting the Vanilla since it is usually the freshest and that is important since you do not want an old Cigar, because it will crack, and you will not be able to roll a nice blunt with it.

Step #2 - Remove the Stems and Seeds from the Bag

You will need to break up the bud in order for the blunt to smoke properly. If you got a bag that has stems and seeds, like me, then you are smoking Regs, or Mids, or Brick Weed (low quality). You want to make sure to remove all stems and seeds from the weed before rolling it. If you do roll a seed, you may hear a popping sound when smoking it, because the heat will actually force the seed to pop, which can potentially ruin a perfectly good blunt. Also remove the stems because they can poke a hole in your perfectly rolled blunt, hence making it un-smokable.

Step #3 - Break up all of the Buds

Once all of the stems and seeds are out of the buds, then either break up the weed by hand, by simply ripping it apart until it looks like oregano, or put all of the buds in a herb grinder. A grinder is great if you smoke blunts everyday, like me, so this is a must have item I think if you are a full time smoker. Once all of the buds are finaly ground, or broken up, then it is easiest to put them on a sheet of paper for easy transfer to the dutch inner leaf, which is the next step, un-rolling the dutch.

Step #4 - Opening the Dutch

Now that all of the bud is broken up, let's get that Vanilla Dutch out. Rip the plastic cover off of the blunt, near the blue Vanilla Dutch logo, the plastic can easily be ripped off at this end. Just simply remove the plastic, then you have to lick the entire Dutch so that the outer leaf is moist. This envolves either using water to lightly sprinkle on the outer leaf, or simply lick the dutch from head to toe, until moist. Then you want to bite the end of the dutch off, make sure you bite the side that you would smoke out of, this will make it much easier to un-roll properly.

Step #5 - Un-rolling the Dutch

Now this is one of the harder steps in the process, you have to find where the outer leaf ends on the dutch. Look at the side where you bit the tip off, the side that one would smoke from. You should be able to distinguish an outer leaf that wraps diagnolly across the entire dutch. Pick at this and try and very carefully remove the entire outer leaf from the dutch, it is very important to keep this in good condition becuase this will be the outer leaf for the blunt.

Step #6 - Remove the Cancer Paper

The Cancer Paper on a dutch is not supposed to be smoked, at least, it is not healthy to smoke it. It is a thicker, darker paper, that produces a harsher smoke, and can take away from the overal enjoyment of a text book rolled blunt. There are two different Cancer Papers on a dutch, the first is on the outside of the mouth piece of the inner leaf of the dutch, if that didn't make sense the lighter brown paper around the part that you bit off.

You have to remove this, to allow the blunt to be easily rolled, and smoked "Cancer Paper Free" as you can see in the image to the left.

Step #7 -
Removing the Dutch Guts

To remove the dutch guts, aka all of the tobacco in the dutch its self, (I would recommend removing all of it, but some people like to sprinkle a little in with there pot, I don't, I think that ruins the blunt and tastses gross, since you are inhalling the dutch's tobacco, and you are not supposed to inhale it, but you are supposed to inhale pot to get high.)

To do this properly you have to find a little crack down the middle of the inner leaf, and this can very easily be opened with the proper technique. Start at the top where you bit the end, and removed the cancer paper from, and put both thumbs on either side of the slit that goes down the entire width of the inner leaf. Then press down with both ur thumbs and the center should crack down the line, do this slowly and carefully as it may deter away from the slit, but slowly move down your thumbs with each split until the entire inner leaf is split all the way down the middle. Then dump out the guts of the dutch, preferably in the garbage.

Step #8 - Remove the 2nd Cancer Paper

Now you have the inner leaf of the blunt. This is where you must remove the 2nd Cancer Paper that is on the dutch. The 2nd cancer paper is a darker strip of paper along the inner side of the inner dutch, it should be easy to distinguish since it will have a darker color, and span the entire length of the dutch's inner leaf.

I usually just remove the a center meter or two of the top part of the inner leaf, where it comes to a cone, rip that top part off, and then along with it I rip off the entire side of the inner leaf, but just the part that is darker, the 2nd cancer paper. Once removed just throw it out too.

Step #9 - Rolling the Inner Leaf

This is arguably the most difficult part of the entire process; rolling the inner leaf. Once you have completed this task, you are nearly home free to having a perfectly rolled text book blunt.

First dump all of the freshly ground pot into the inner leaf as seen in the image to the left.

Once all of the pot is in the inner leaf then grasp it with both hands; I personally really only roll the blunt with three finger on each side.
Place your thumb on the front to hold and press down to compact all of the weed. Next place your index finger in the middle/center of the blunt, on the sides, to hold the weed in while compressing and rolling the inner leaf, the index finger makes sure that no weed falls out of the sides while rolling it. Last use your middle finger to to hold the back of the paper while rolling this blunt up.

To roll it up simply compress the weed down with your fingers, and tuck in the paper edge closest to you around the top of all the pot. Then very lightly lick the top part or back part sticking up, of the inner leaf with very little saliva across the entire top as you can see I have done in the picture to the left.

Then fold this part down with your middle finger, and hold down with your index finger, then apply another light licking of the leaf once folded, and press down with the top of your lip to make sure that the blunt won't open up. As you can see in the image to the left, this is how it should look once you have successfully rolled in the inner leaf.

Step #10 - Rolling the Outer Leaf

If you have made any mistakes along the way, the outer leaf is where this can all be fixed. Even if you haven't gotten the inner leaf to stay closed, or have some holes in it from stems that you forgot to take out, the outer leaf can fix all your problems.

First you have to lick the entire outer leaf, front and back, you want to make sure that it is very moist otherwise it will not stick properly to the inner leaf, and will actually un-roll when you are smoking the blunt.
Then stick the leaf to the table at an angle, so that it is easy to roll up and so it will not move when you are rolling it as well. Place the rolled inner leaf at the bottom of the outer leaf, and wrap it around the inner leaf.

Make sure to press down the entire way, and smooth the entire blunt while being rolled. This will ensure the blunt is tight,
but not too tight, you do NOT want to make the blunt too tight, because it will be un-smokable. Do this process slowly and carefully and you will have a very nice blunt, that will hit fantastically, while burning slowly for approximately 20-30 minutes. A very nice smoking experience indeed.

Finally just bite off both ends, if they are a little messy, or do not have any weed in them.

The finished product should look something like this. Nicely rolled up, with out any hinges or paper sticking out.

Step #11 - Crisping the Blunt

The final step of rolling a blunt, is making sure that it is not all flimsy and floppy, that is actually stands up straight, and won't bend easily. To do this simply take a lighter and crisp the blunt by lighting it and quickly going back and forth across the blunt. Do not hold the flame in one spot for more than 1/2 a second, or else you will burn or light the blunt prematurely.

Last step is lighting it up, and puffing it, until you are high as fucking hell.



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you suck at rollin blunts. only rookies leave that much paper to roll the inside

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you only need half of the outer leaf at most and you used way too much inner leaf also retard

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