Monday, September 8, 2008

Smoke Weed, Smoke More Weed, Ya Digg??

Now all y'all may or may not be diggin me, ya hear? But I don't really give a rats as, ya hear? Because...I know, we know, we all know, who we are, ya digg? And...because I know, we all know, who we know, and how we know...IT. Let me just say nice to meet cha, since it is well you know NICE. ya kno?

Now we all know, how you know, who you know, and who you don't. we all know, who we don't know, and who knows us? The knows and don't knows of life goes on forever, and it seems, well to me atleast, that there really is no logical or illogical end to this maddness. It only seems to get bigger and bigger, until well...that is until you finally reach that last day in the line. When you finally know all of who you know, and know everything you don't.

Until you know everything you don't know, and know that you won't know, anything that you don't know, you won't even be seeing my level, ya digg? get to my level is a whole new ball game, it's like not even in your stadium, it's like over the fence, two blocks down, go for a jog, far, it's like walking three miles to school in the blistering cold, or five miles in the swealering heat...ya digg?

Either way, you know how I'll be being...down with my little green men, dancing...dancing. Around the fire as they sing and dance and swing, we all know these little men make us hustle, make us grind, make us gnarl, and make us cry. We must all one day come to the end of the stuggle and take a look around in un-blurred eyes and see the world for what it has truley become, and be forworned, DO NOT BELIEVE THERE LIES!

ya digg??


Anonymous said...

What the fuck is this shit?

Oh, and lil wayne is a talentless cunt.

Blog Life said...

y'all better recognize i got dat lethal flow, comin' back like ya don't know, all y'all gotta feel the truth, because i be knockin' on the doors of satan's roots!

Anonymous said...

this is clearly a blog demonstrating the sheer power of digg and how well it can help facilitate a blog to new hights, clearly he is writing to all of these diggers, saying, you don't know me, i don' know you, but nice to meet'cha.

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