Monday, September 29, 2008

Roll 'em Up, Spark 'em Up, Pass 'em Round!

Hey All,

Back again, and again, like a maniac man, oh shit, did I just say I am a maniac...oh man..
Either way just rolled up a phatty and wanted to share with you all my rolling prowess.

Check it out!

then DONE!

Time to get HIGH!!!

Touch the sky!! YO!


footballfanatic said...

Niiiice... Do you use philly blunts?

Anonymous said...

tht shit is still wak as fuk

Anonymous said...

your wack as fuck you pussy ass mutha fucka i bet you couldnt even roll an l. bitch

Blunt a Day - Blogger said...

@Anonymous - sorry that your ugly and you hate your life, but don't take it out on bloggers, thx.

Anonymous said...

word thats a blunt my man you rolled it just how i do props deffanitely got you mad high
little critisizm tear off a little paper from the inner

Anonymous said...

nigga u need 2takemo off the inner n throw out that second kuz wedont play that shit second leaf is 4 niggas dat cant roll n need 2 fix it

Anonymous said...

that is the uglyest blunt ive ever seen your wack as fuck

Mad Blunted said... got the right blunt going for this one..Could be a little fatter though.