Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Still Smoking and Smokin', Hit Dat Shit!

now as some of you may or may not know but i am high as a kite and i gotta get my fill and spit my shit...because hommie, if i don't well...then i'll just loose it.

i must be telling all ya'll that be fadin' on my vibes, that if you step inside, you will open up your mind, and see the way to fly...so high...so high. we can even touch the sky and walk around on clouds all day, while we just puffin on some of the magic ash, puff, puff, puffin' away, like a cloud's day...

you all have to see the real great there is fate, we live each day on one anothers shoulders as we carry around the burden of our brothers, and fallen angels surround the world, as we stuff our face with a happy meal, and i speak dat trut, because you know i can, now you all betta start reppin' here pep dis plan

we gonna get us a bag, yeah nice phat sack, and roll us up a blunt, now aint that a fact, now don't think too quick boy, don't think too slow, just GO! GO! GO! and get that shit for me, out dat door! now we smokin' some blunts,blunts, blunts, we be smokin' some blunts, blunts, blunts.

let me just roll this thang on up here, lick, rip, drop, pop, roll-up, lick, stick, poof, finit! got that shit all wrapped up and now we gotta go spark it up, because if you are like i is, then people there aint no questionz, i dont wanna goto work, i dont wanna goto jail, i dont wanna get a job, i dont wanna check the mail, lets just all get high, and watch south park and maybe some family guy, while we let that roachie burn till it dies.


Kane said...

this is fucking great. this needs to be read at an open mic night.

Anonymous said...

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